Graduated from Saint -Petersburg State University with master’s degree in physics in 2005. Ph.D. in physics from 2008, Ph.D. Thesis: “Luminescence Centers Formed by Ion Implantation and Sequential Annealing in Si-SiO2 Structures”.

After thesis defense in 2008 continued investigations in Saint-Petersburg State University as a senior specialist in Interdisciplinary Resource Center for Nanotechnology. Specialization: Helium Ion Microscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy and X-ray Microanalysis. The first and the only operator of the Helium Ion Microscope in Russia since 2008.

September 2015 - present

Associate Professor of physical faculty of Saint -Petersburg State University.
Field of interest: Ion-solid interaction and Helium Ion Microscopy, especially ion-electron interaction and ion-induced modification of material properties.

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