Sybren Sijbrandij has focused on the development of scientific instrumentation both during his pursuit of degrees in Applied Physics (M.Sc., University of Groningen) and Materials Science (D.Phil., University of Oxford), and during his career. In his current roles as a scientist and occasional program manager at Carl Zeiss Microscopy, he works on advancing the capabilities of the helium ion microscope. Relevant areas of expertise include ion source technology, charged particle optics, imaging detectors and analytical detectors.

His thesis topic and title at Oxford was the “development and application of an energy compensated three-dimensional atom probe”.Subsequent activities, at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Micrion Corporation, FEI Company and Carl Zeiss Microscopy have included research and development of various gaseous field-ion source (GFIS) technologies, e.g. ‘super-tips’, 2-phase GFIS, and Zeiss’ ALIS trimer-source. His efforts at FEI Company also included focused ion beam processing, primarily in the area of photomask-repair. More recent activities at Carl Zeiss Microscopy include the development of imaging detectors, for secondary electrons and secondary ions, and analytical detectors and sub-systems, for Ion Scattering Spectrometry (ISS) and Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS).

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