Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg

One of the smallest members of the European Union, Luxembourg was nevertheless the cradle where the concept of a unified Europe was born. Together with Brussels and Strasbourg, Luxembourg city is the official seat of many of the European Union’s major organizations. A multicultural city by tradition, Luxembourg continues to enhance its cosmopolitan nature.
The city of Luxembourg, the thousand-year-old capital of the Grand Duchy, was founded in 963.

Over the course of its history, Luxembourg has been occupied by Burgundians, Spanish, French, Austrians and Prussians, all of whom contributed to making the city one of the best fortified in the world, the “Gibraltar of the North”. Today, the fortress, along with the old city, have gained international fame. In 1994, UNESCO recognized the city's historical importance by naming it a World Heritage Site.

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Key Facts

Official nameGrand Duchy of Luxembourg
LanguagesNational language: Luxembourgish (Lëtzebuergesch)
Administrative languages: French, German and Luxembourgish
English widely spoken
GeographyArea: 2.586 sq kilometres / 999 sq miles
Neighbouring countries: Germany, Belgium and France
PopulationTotal population: 562,958 inhabitants (1st January 2015)
Time zoneUTC+1
Capital cityLuxembourg-City (111,000 inhabitants) (January 2015)
CurrencyEuro €(EUR)
ClimateTemperate: From May to mid-October, the temperatures are particularly pleasant. Whereas May and June are the sunniest months, July and August are the hottest. In September and October, Luxembourg often experiences its own “Indian Summer”.

Form of government: Constitutional Monarchy under a system of Parliamentary Democracy
Head of State: HRH Grand Duke Henri

Luxembourgish Word List

Moien Hello
Vläicht Maybe
Wann ech geliftPlease
MerciThank you
Gär geschitt !You’re welcome
Wéi geet et ?How are you?
Firwat? Why?
Ech weess net I don't know
Ech verstinn net I don't understand
Schwätzt dir Däitsch/Franséisch/Englesch?Do you speak German/French/English?